Francisco Porcella

The face of an Island that looks to the future with the pride of its roots and that competes with the bigs of the world, with a strength that is also the result of good and well-balanced nutrition.

Sports in the DNA

Francisco has got sports in his DNA. Born in New York on July 1, 1986, to an American mother and Italian father, he grew up in Sardinia and, when he was 14, moved to Maui, which belongs to the Hawaiian islands. Just in Italy, the Hawaiian Quicksilver team won him over.

At the time, Francisco was playing football in Cagliari and dreaming of a future in Serie A. Seeing those guys riding the waves and admiring the acrobatics of champions like Titus Kinimaka, Dave Kalama and Laird, he realized he also wanted to live those experiences and emotions.

Through a strange twist of fate, his family – four months later – moved to Hawaii, in the town of Haiku. Here, Francisco Porcella began attending King Kekaulike High School, and spent his days on a surfboard until he became one of the most famous Italian surfers in the world.

Last year, in Nazarè (Portugal), he rode a 22-metre high wave (like an 8-storey building), winning the coveted XXL Biggest Wave Award Champion (the surfing Oscar).

This trophy adds to his other extraordinary achievements: the 32-year-old man was also the first Italian to take part in the World Surf League.