Ovinus, the first international sheep's milk cheese competition

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Italy is the fifth largest producer of sheep’s milk cheese in the world and Sardinia, in particular, is the leading region in Italy for the production of sheep’s milk and its transformation into products with Protected Designation of Origin.

Interpreting this role as a responsibility, it was decided to promote the first edition of OVINUS, the international competition for sheep’s milk cheese.

The competition, scheduled for May 2021 and reserved for different categories of cheese made exclusively from sheep’s milk, will be a unique opportunity for operators to exchange views, stimulate quality growth and diversification of production, increase knowledge and promote the consumption of cheese at regional, national and international level.

Within the EU – alongside Italy – the largest producers of sheep’s milk cheese are Greece, Spain, Portugal and France.

The international competition is aimed at cheese producers and/or ripeners and/or refiners in compliance with the regulations for food products in force in the countries of origin.

It is characterized by two classes:

PDO cheese, reserved for cheese with a Protected Designation of Origin (EU Regulation no. 1151/2012);
open class, dedicated to products that do not have a Protected Designation of Origin.

There are nine categories, described in the Rules.

The competition will be promoted through a dedicated communication campaign, characterized by regional, national and international initiatives.
Particular importance is given to events, which combine moments of workshops and experience, opportunities for knowledge, meeting and taste.

From November 2018 to February 2019, they organized press events/conferences, divided into taste workshops and cooking shows, with the involvement of national and international ambassadors and endorsers.

The members of the partnership are also the heads of the Committee that organizes the competition.

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